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Attack Movie Review by fast blog

Yes, friends how are you all By the way, the level of Bollywood has become quite high. After some movies, Bollywood has reached a different level like Dangal Bahubali. But when it comes to Bollywood superheroes, everyone is silent.

Because he is not a superhero of Bollywood, it is a different matter that Shah Rukh Khan was a superhero in the Ra One movie. But people didn’t like the movie much because the villain was not good in it and the theme of the movie was not good. That’s why people didn’t like this movie very much.

But now another Bollywood superhero is making a super entry. His name is John Abraham. Yes, friends, the trailer of Attack movie has been released. And after watching its trailer, my hair stood on end. What a trailer, man.

The level of Bollywood is going to go up after this movie. John’s last film was not very special. But John is going to make a very strong entry this time. Besides, Jacqueline and Rakul Preet are with John in this movie.

And this is going to be a super-soldier movie. At the beginning of the trailer, there is a dialogue that two days of our Zangi are special, one when we are born, and the other when we know why we were born.

This shows that there are going to be strong dialogues in this movie. Also, the BGM of this movie is amazing, the whole feeling of action comes. And the movie trailer has been cut very well. The suspense of the movie is not shown in the trailer.

I really like the trailer. Because in the trailer John is seen doing a lot of action and besides that love story will also be shown.

And the trailer shows a lot of good action which I like very much. Now I am waiting for the release of the movie when the movie will be released. Let’s see if the one shown in the trailer is in the movie or not.

Also, this movie uses amazing VFX which looks very real. The concept of this movie is very good.

Please comment and tell us how you like the trailer of this movie and how much you are waiting for this movie. I am waiting for this movie

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