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Bachan Pandy Review by Fast blogging

Bachchan Pandey, you must have seen the trailer of this movie. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline, Kriti, and Arshad. In this film, Akshay Kumar has played the role of a gangster. Let me tell you, this movie is a remake of a lot of movies you may not know about. Friends, this is a remake of Jagarthanda movie which is a Tamil movie.

It is also a remake of a Korean movie. In this film, Akshay Kumar will be seen in a negative role. Who is a bully
If this is a remake then what? Dhareshim is also a remake and Kabir Singh is also a remake. And besides, we are all waiting for Dharisham Part 2.

Guys the trailer is great and I really liked it. But one thing I don’t like is that all the characters have been introduced in the trailer of this movie and the trailer has been cut a lot.

Trailer editors should salute 21 Topo who have seen the whole movie concept in the trailer itself. That Akshay Kumar is a king and what are the names of his teammates? Who are its gurus?

And his girlfriend who was killed by Akshay Kumar has shown everything in the trailer. Friends, today is March 8, the release date of Bachchan Pandey. Bachchan Pandey is being released today. By the way, the trailer of the movie was quite good, but if it had been edited well, it could have been even better.

That is a great comedy actor. And natural actors. The movie is going to be very good. I’m going to see it today. In this movie, you will see a different character of Akshay Kumar.

Friends, you too can go to the theater with the ticket for this movie. After watching the movie, we will meet again with another review post.

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