Shaktimaan Movie REVIEW – Fast Bloggings

Shaktimaan movie REVIEW – Fast Bloggings

The name ShaktiMaan must have been heard. ShaktiMaan which we saw in our childhood and when we saw it our hair stood on end. ShaktiMaan is one of our childhood superheroes that everyone loved. At that time our heart wanted Shakti Maan to break the TV and come out.

But now the wait is over. Because Shakti Maan’s teaser has been released. Not just a teaser, it has been announced that ShaktiMaan movie will be released soon. Earlier when Shakti Maaan used to come on TV.

At that time technology was not so much and there was no VFX yet Shakti Maaan ruled everyone’s heart. And everyone was watching Shakti Maan with great interest. And this movie is being made by his old ShaktiMaan Mukesh Khanna.

With the help of Sony Pictures, who have given the world many superheroes like Spiderman and Venom. This shows that this movie is going to be the best. You will have a lot of fun in this movie. And that could change the whole of Bollywood where only remakes are being made. And in the teaser, Gangadhar is shown on Shakti Maan’s suit, that is, the real character has not been tampered with. Which is going to be a lot of fun.

But the biggest question is who will become ShaktiMaan? Which hero will bring back our childhood memories? The producers of this movie have not yet announced the hero of this movie. But it has been said that this movie will be led by a great hero of India.

Consider that India has been called a hero, not Bollywood, meaning it could be from the South. There will also be pressure to match old shaktimaan levels. Mukesh Khanna is a great actor who plays comedy and action well.

Who can be a shaktimaan to match their level. Along with shaktimaan, Gangadhar will also have to play a role. For this, we need a hero whose comedy skills are good. Nowadays Allu Arjun is quite a trend that has surpassed even Marvel’s Spider-Man. Tell me which hero you want to see in shaktimaan and whose opposite you want to see.

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