Pushpa 2 Announcement review | Fast Blogging

Pushpa 2 Announcement review | Fast Blogging

Pushpa, you must have seen this movie. This movie is a super hit at the box office which everyone knows about. Along with this, Pushpa 2 has also been announced. Whose name will be Pushpa The Ruler?

The first movie was called Pushpa the Rise, which showed how a poor man could use his brain to become the master of the whole city. The movie showed Pushpa’s journey from servant to master.

And after fighting, he found his love. Now Pushpa 2 has been announced. I have some points about this movie, what can happen in Pushpa 2.

1. In Pushpa 2, it is possible that only the friend of Pushpa will become his enemy because, in the beginning, he changed his master for the sake of money. Will he go ahead and become the enemy of Pushpa?

2. It is also possible that Pushpa himself is an undercover agent who has come to eliminate all criminals.

3. The biggest thing is Shekhawat who is a policeman. In Pushpa 1, Shekhawat came last and shook the whole movie. What will he do next if he becomes the villain of Pushpa 2 then the movie boy will be a hit.
4. And one more thing is that in this movie Sri Wali will die which will cause a lot of pain to Pushpa and he will set fire to the whole city. Because two people are very special in Pushpa’s life, one is Pushpa’s mother and one is his wife. If anything happens to any of them, Pushpa will get out of control and kill all the enemies.

4. In addition, when Pushpa goes to Chennai to sell his goods, the face of a chicken is shown there. But they do not show the face of the kiss, who can be hostile to who the leaf is.

5. Sino and his wife are both ready to avenge their brother’s death and will kill him when the opportunity arises. What do you guys think is going to happen in Pushpa 2? But what is going to happen is going to be very tasty and everyone will be happy to see it.

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