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Kashmir Files vs Bachan Pandey

Kashmir Files You must have seen this movie. Which is making good money at the box office these days. It was initially rumored that the movie would flop like any other low-budget movie. But when this movie was released, everyone was shocked.

Anyone who has seen this movie is appreciating it. Also, this movie has not been promoted by any big star. But this movie proved that if the story of the movie is good then it does not need promotion.

At a time when everyone was praising Kashmir files. And then Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey movie was released. Which was badly beaten at the box office.

Everyone was promoting the movie, Bachchan Pandey. Bachchan Pandey’s movie has earned 37 crores, and Kashmir Files has earned 190 crores. Because the name of Bachchan Pandey’s movie was mocked.

There were no good dialogues or good stories in this movie. Besides, this movie is a remake of many movies. Which you can watch in the Hindi language on youtube.
The total budget of Bachchan Pandey movie is 60 crores. And this movie has earned 37 crores. And the entire budget of the Kashmir Files movie was twenty-five crores.

Which has earned 190 crores so far. Bachchan Pandey was a movie whose story was well known. Because this is the same defeat story on which thousands of movies have been made. A good-hearted gangster who changes during the movie’s climax, and becomes a good man. Besides, they think people are stupid.

That whatever film they make will be a super hit. But now the public is also sensible. If the content is well, it will work. Otherwise, it will flop like Bachchan Pandey movie.

That is why the Bachchan Pandey movie flops, and the Kashmir Files movie becomes a super hit. Today we talked about why Bachchan Pandey movie flopped.

And why Kashmir files have been hit. If you want to read such a good post, remember the name of our website. Our website is called Fast Bloggings where we review movies. And talk about release movies. See you guys in the next post, goodbye for now.

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