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Ravi Teja Khiladi Movie

Today we are going to talk about Ravi Teja’s Khiladi movie which has just been released. And what a movie. After watching this movie, you will also say what a movie you have made. Ekdam is a wonderful movie and the cast of this movie is also very good, this movie has Ravi Teja, Arjun Sarja, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Murli Sharma, Vanneela Kishore.

And the BGM of this movie is also amazing which is fun to listen to. And this movie has also been released in the Hindi language. Khiladi Movie is an action thriller movie. In this movie, Ravi Teja works to rob people. And Arjun Sarja plays the role of a special police officer.

Who is honest and eccentric. And he gets angry quickly. Besides, there are Ravi Teja and Kishore in the movie, so the comedy in the movie is quite good. Khiladi movie is a complete mastermind movie. And the mastermind attitude of the whole movie is sharp. Suspense is everywhere in the movie.

Each scene will be completely different from what you think. Earlier, the film was not released in Hindi. And Salman Khan was very excited to buy the rights to this movie. Even before this, Salman Khan had made a remake called Kick.

That movie was also a Hindi remake of Ravi Teja’s Kick Movie. And Salman Khan’s movie had earned up to three hundred crores. Which is one of Salman Khan’s most successful films. Khiladi’s movie budget was quite high. Its budget was 60 crores. But this movie did not earn much at the box office. What is the reason for this?

But I really like this movie. And I really like the BGM of this movie. And the story of this movie is very good. This movie will shake your mind. Apart from this, Ravi Teja is present in the movie.

Comedy is full in this movie. Arjun Sarja is playing the role of a serious police officer in this movie. Also, you should watch this movie. If you want to read articles about such movies then our website is your number one choice.

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