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Sanak Movie review

You know one thing. Movies are made in Hollywood for an hour and a half. And in Bollywood, a movie is made for two and a half hours. A movie in Bollywood cannot be made without songs. A hero in a Bollywood movie does not become a hero unless he sings.

But Hollywood is not like that at all. There is only a focus on the story of the movie.
But now it has started in Bollywood too. Not to end the song. In fact, the movie will be told in a short time.

Friends Vidyut jamwal’s last movie is called Sanak. This movie is one and a half hours long. And what action scenes have been shown in this movie was absolutely fun.

The story begins with a love story of a hero and a heroine. But then the twist comes and heroin becomes a deadly disease.

When the hero takes his heroin to the hospital for surgery. At the same time, there is an attack on the hospital. And the hero that the heroines get stuck in the hospital. And the hero goes to save her. A villain with 20 to 25 martial arts experts. And on the other hand, our hero is all alone. But our hero is no less than anyone. He is also the father of all in martial arts. The story of this movie is very

straightforward. There is no suspense. But if you like to watch action then this movie is made for you. This movie has a lot of action. Vidyut jamwal’s movie is incomplete without action. If there is a Vidyut jamwal in the movie then action will also be required.

You must have seen the movie, John Wick. In which the hero kills everyone for the sake of his dog.
In this movie, the hero kills everyone to save his wife.

It doesn’t matter to the hero who is in front of him. He kills everyone. The movie was shot in a hospital. And full of action. That is the end of today’s work. See you in the next post.

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