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Heropanti 2

Hero Panti 2 trailer has been released. This is the reaction of everyone. What a nonsense movie. Hero Panti 2 is actually the second part of Hero Panti movie.

And Tiger Sharaf had made his entry in Bollywood from the movie Hero Panti. And the Hero Panti movie was released in 2014. The movie starred Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sunan. Now the second part of this movie is coming. And the movie trailer has been released on YouTube.

And in this movie, Tara Sutaria has been cast with Tiger. Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui has been cast as the villain in this movie. Nawaz’s name in the movie is Laila.
And this time the name of Hero Panti 2 is being mocked.

This movie has been shown all over the place. But we all know that Tiger Sharoof’s acting is useless. But Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui has been taken along to cover up this thing. People will get lost in Nawaz’s acting. And Tiger Sharoof won’t talk about it.

In the movie, Nawaz Siddiqui has been portrayed as a cheap clown. This movie is being directed by Ahmed Khan which is called heropanti 2. And the producer of the movie which is called heropanti is Sajid Nadiadwala.

The movie mentions four countries. China, France, Egypt and Africa. The movie has been shot in these four countries. There is nothing special about this movie. The trailer shows Tiger with the first villain. Then comes the toast in the story. And our hero turns against the villain. And tries to kill the villain. Amrita Singh is also present in this movie. Also in the trailer, Tara Sutaria is seen with Tiger.

And also seen with Nawaz. In the movie, only you will see the battle of Tiger Sharoof. Besides, Tiger doesn’t know how to act. The movie will be released at the end of April and a movie of Ajay Devgn is also about to be released.

After watching the trailer of this movie, I got a headache. The whole story of the movie has been revealed in the trailer. There is no need to go to the theater for this Movie Called Heropanti. You can also share your knowledge in the comments section which is given below.

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