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Jalsa Movie

Today we will talk about Jalsa Movie. Which has been released on Amazon. The movie stars Vidya Balan, Shefali Shah, Rohini Hattangadi, Manu Kaul, Iqbal Khan, Junaid Khan, Vijay Nikam, Shrikant Yadav. Which is a drama thriller movie.

Vidya Balan is playing the role of a reporter in this movie. Which only accompanies the truth. A girl dies in this movie. In a car accident that comes from a middle class family. Her mother is the maid of a rich family. And her father is a spot boy in the film industry. All the dreams of this family are on the shoulders of this girl.

Who arrives at the hospital due to an accident. There is a lot of suspense hidden in this movie.
The girl who had the accident. What was she doing on Main Road at two in the morning? You have to watch Jalsa movie to know this.

Apart from this, Vidya Balan has done an amazing job in the movie. But in comparison, Shefali Shah has also acted very well.
If you like cosplay and thriller movies. So Jalsa Movie might be the best for you. The best acting of Vidya Balan in the whole movie does not let you get bored. And Shefali Shah whose tongue speaks less, and his eyes explain everything.
The story of this movie is amazing. You will find suspense and thrill everywhere in this movie. This movie has real power.

The story of this movie is dark, scary and heartbreaking. This movie can satisfy all kinds of public. This is a feature of this movie. The full power of the Jalsa movie lies in its climax scene. People whose hearts are weak. It would be nice if they didn’t watch the climax of this movie.

The climax scene of this movie is quite scary and mind blowing. You have Zero percent idea of how the Jalsa movie will end. And a surprise twist will also be seen in this movie. Which will explain why the movie is named Jalsa. You can also go and watch Jalsa movie and tell in the comment section how you like this movie.

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