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Jersy Trailer

Today, more than half of Bollywood movies are being remade. Like Kabir Singh.Which has also been quite successful. And the main role in Kabir Singh movie was played by Shahid Kapoor. Another remake is being made like this.

In which Shahid Kapoor is playing a role. And the name of this movie is Jersey. This Jersey movie is a remake of a Telugu movie. And the name of that movie is Jersey. And this movie was played by Nani Sudhir. And the movie was well received by the public. And the movie has won a national award.

The remake continues with the same title. And in the remake of Jersey, Shahid Kapoor and Murnal Thakur are also present. Jersey is a support drama movie. Which is based on cricket. In this movie, Hero is the superstar of cricket. In front of which no one can stand. He is the king of the world of taxes.

And also single. Then there is the entry of heroin in the movie and our hero doubles from single. And forgets everything and marries heroin. And a few years later, the hero doubles to triple. When a son is born in her house. And the hero’s son also loves cricket.

And our hero says if I stay that way, my son will see me as the rest of us do. And then the hero returns to the cricket field. The story of the movie is very good. The love of a father and son is shown. In addition, the movie has seen domestic disputes.

The domestic relationship of husband and wife is shown. Feelings come while watching the movie trailer. A father who returns to the cricket field for his son. There will be a lot of emotional scenes in the movie which is called Jersy. But was it necessary to make a remake of the movie?

While the original movie is available in Hindi on YouTube. And this movie has got more than 90 million views. What if a remake of Bollywood was made? You said that it was necessary to make a remake of the movie. And how do you all feel about the Jersey movie trailer?

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