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Jhund movie Review

Jhund movie has been released. This is a very good movie. The movie is about Nagpur. Where some children live in the whole Mawali style. And their job is to kill and steal the logo. The movie features Amitabh Bachchan. Apart from Amitabh Bachchan, there are Akash Thosar, Rinko Rajguru and many good stars.

This movie is directed by Nagraj Manjule. And the story of the movie is also written by Nagraj Manjule. And the songs of Jhund movie are given by Ajay Atul. Which were quite good. This story is about children who kill people, and steal. Stay out of the house all night. Then there is Amitabh Bachchan’s entry into his life.

That would change their lives. Jhund movie is a three hour movie. The background music of Jhund movie is also amazing.

The mother tongue of entire Nagpur has been used in this movie. Jhund movie has a budget of 22 crores. And if you are thinking that this movie is only about football.

So you are wrong. This is shown in this movie. What happens when the children of the filthy area become famous for a viji? In addition to this, there is a lot of talk about the problems of poor people in this movie. How a poor man is treated when he has a job in a government agency. Jhund movie also has a lot of comedy scenes.

And there are many emotional scenes. This movie will make you laugh a little and cry a little. And it will teach you a lot about living life. It is a good idea to leave behind things in life that you have nothing to do with. Jhund movie is a family drama. It doesn’t use much abuse. And there are no dirty scenes in the movie.

You can watch Jhund movie with your family. But it did not do well on the movie. The total budget of this movie was 22 crores. The movie has grossed only Rs 13 crore. Which is very low. Also tell us in the comments section how you like Jhund movie. See you in the next post, goodbye for now.

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