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Lekh Movie Trailer

The trailer of Lekh movie has been released. Which is a Punjabi love story movie. There are characters in this movie. Gurnam Bhullar who is playing the role of a hero. The lead role of Gurnam Bhullar features Tania, a Punjabi actress.

Manvir Brar is directing the movie. And the story is written by Jagdeep Sidhu. Apart from them, the songs of this movie have been written and composed by Jani. And B. Prak has sung the songs of Lekh movie. Which you all know.

The songs of this Lekh movie are also wonderful. Two songs from Lekh movie have been released. One is titled Udd Gaya and the other is Bewafai kar gyi. These two songs have been released.

Also, the story of Lekh movie starts from school. That his hero sees heroin and falls in love with it. The story of this Lekh Punjabi movie is very cute. And many will relate to this story. This is how the love story goes, then a twist comes in the movie. That the two heroes become heroines. And the hero walks around in his memory.

But then when heroes and heroines meet. So Heron says I waited for you for a year. This one question will bring people to the theater. In any case, our hero did not reach heroin for a year. The story of the movie is very interesting. And the story of the movie is full of emotions and feelings. The story of a cute little school boy and a beautiful girl.

No one knows how they get separated. The answer to this question can only be found by watching a movie. This is the sweetest thing about this movie. That the songs of this movie are wonderful. I like the songs of this movie very much. This Lekh Punjabi Love story movie will be released in April 2022.

This movie will be released in Punjabi language only. Friends, tell me how the trailer of Lekh movie will be for you. And will you also go to see the movie on April 1? Also, if you have any questions, please comment and I will definitely answer.

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