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Ms Marvel TV series

Today we are going to talk about Miss Marvel whose trailer has been released. If the trailer belongs to Marvel people then it will be good.
Miss Marvel uses a lot of VFX. This movie is about a Pakistani girl. Which is basically from Pakistan.

But her parents and whole family live in the United States America. Now that girl lives on the same. And she studies on it. And in the movie, the girl’s name is Kamala Khan. This is not a movie, but a drama series. And Miss Marl’s real name is Iman Vellani.

Who lives in Canada She is playing the role of a superhero in this movie.
Kamala Khan is a girl who has no interest in studies. She is always lost in her dreams. The dream of becoming a superhero. Its trailer was quite good which you will be surprised to see.

In the movie, everyone teases Kamala by calling her a fat girl. Because Kamala is a fat girl in this drama. But how does Kamala get her superpowers? I will tell you, as shown in the trailer. That Kamala goes to a room. And there is a box lying there. As Kamala opens the box, there are some bracelets in it.

As soon as Kamala Khan wears these bracelets in her hand. Some light comes out of it. And then Kamala whatever she thinks. It actually starts to happen. This is how Kamala Khan gets his superpowers. And then the real story begins.

This trailer features a lot of villains. Some village scenes are also shown. Miss Marvel’s trailer is well cut. Miss Marvel Marvel is a comic book superhero character. Which is being played by Iman Vellani.

Besides, in the trailer, Kamala Khan has a lot of superpowers. It is said that Farhan Akhtar will be present in this drama. And Pakistani actor Fawad Khan will also be present in this drama series. Miss Marvel is a Marvel drama series.

Which will be released on June 2022. What do you all think about this trailer of the MS marvel Tv series? Let me know in the comments. If you like this post, please share our post on all social media platforms.

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