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Apharan Season  2

Apharan is an Indian thriller series with season 2. And today we are going to review Apharan Season 2. If any of you haven’t seen this Apharan Season 1, go and see it. Because Apharan Season 1 was so delicious and wonderful.

But I have only seen five episodes of Apharan Season 2
But then I stopped watching Apharan Season 2. And now I’m going to share with you a great review of Apharan Season 2.

So let’s not waste time. Let me tell you my review about this season. I have a question for the makers of Apharan Season 2, whether they made Season 2 for these people. Whose brain does not work.
If any of you have seen Apharan Season 2. I’m sure he only saw one or two episodes first and then ran away. Because Apharan Season 2 is written in a very childish way.

And it has been executed childishly. I couldn’t believe it while watching Apharan Season 2. Is this Apharan season 2? Because Apharan Season 1 was so amazing. Some of you may know how wonderful Apharan’s Season 1 was. There is no twist in the story of Apharan Season 2. The old story has been shown which has no head or feet.

In addition, coercive insults have been used in the name of comedy. And there are a lot of scenes that have been copied from the big web series. Apharan Season Two does not feature any entertainment. Apharan Season 2 is a joke sold in the name of entertainment.

Their hearts are broken. Those who watched Apharan Season 1 were eagerly awaiting Apharan Season 2. Also, you will not find anything new in Apharan Season Two. If anyone is praising it. So the owners of Apharan Season Two will be sponsoring it.

Besides, I will tell you. Stay away from Apharan Season Two. If you like quality content. So Apharan season two will make you bored.
If you do not want to waste your time. So stay away from this garbage. Because you will get bored after watching it. See you in the next article.

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