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Adhira movie first look

Today we are going to talk about Adhira movie. Adhira movie announcement teaser has been released. And the Adhira movie is going to be a superhero movie.

It seems that the era of superhero movies is coming in Indian cinema. Shakti Mann movie has been announced. Krrish movie will also be released and apart from that now Adhira movie has also been announced. I have seen the teaser of Adhira movie.

This movie shows a superhero with blue light coming out of his hands. As in the Thor movie, Thor has the power to control electricity. In the same way, in this movie, electricity is shown in the hands of the hero.

And it has a weapon. Which is made of bones. This movie is from Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe.
And in the teaser of Adhira movie also it is clearly written from Prashant Varma cinematic universe.

Speaking of teasers, at the beginning of the teaser some thugs are running towards the hero. And a blue light is coming out of the hero’s hand. And in the next scene, he is shown resurrecting a dead person with the help of electricity. The teaser also shows a small glimpse of the hero’s childhood.

Which makes it clear. That the hero will have a back story from which he gets some super powers. In the teaser of Adhira movie, the face of the hero is not shown properly. Just a glimpse of the movie’s hero.

Let me tell you, Kalyan Dasari will play the role of the hero in this movie. Kalyan Dasari is the son of RRR movie producer DVV Danayya۔Amaria Iyer will play the lead role in this movie along with Kalyan Dasari. This movie will be Kalyan Dasari’s debut film.

So far only the movie has been announced. And the movie release date has not been confirmed yet.I will be waiting for the Adhira movie when the trailer of this movie is released.

The word Adhira means Lightning, Strong, Quick.In addition, technology will be used in Adhira movie. And it will tell you how the hero got the superpowers.Please tell, you like or not Adhira movie teaser

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