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Badhaai Do movie

Badhaai Do movie starring Rajkumar Rao and Bhoomi Padnikar, Chum Darang, Seema Pahwa, Sheeba Chadha, Gulshan Devaiah and many more. This is a Hindi movie. Badhaai Do comedy movie is directed by Harshvardhan and produced by V. Jain. Badhaai Do movie has been released in 2022.

You can’t watch this movie with your family. Because it’s a movie where the movie hero has no interest in girls, and the heroine has no interest in boys.
You must have understood. What am I talking about?

This movie has a social message.badhai do movie is a good story about some social massege.
Besides, all the cast of the movie have done a great job. Which makes them look like real life characters.

There are also many comedy scenes in Badhaai Do movie. Badhaai Do a movie ComedyWhich will make you laugh a lot.
But there are some scenes where you won’t find anything.
The movie is totally dependent on social media.

The story of the movie is very simple. And there is no suspense while watching the movie. And you all know about lavender marriage.
Apart from this, Rajkumar Rao has done a very good acting in Badhaai Do movie.

The highlight of the movie is that there are 13 songs in Badhaai Do movie. The total budget of Badhaai Do movie was 380 million. And the movie has grossed Rs 280 million at the box office. This is because people in India do not like to sit with family and watch such movies.

The Badhaai Do movie will sometimes make you laugh a lot, and the comedy of the movie will never work. Such movies cannot be presented in a serious way.

Anyway, people rarely watch such movies. After the interval of this movie, you get an idea. What’s going to happen next in the movie? Also, the movie has only 40% comedy.

The Badhaai Do movie gets three out of five stars from me. Also, if you have seen the movie Badhaai Do, how do you like this movie? And stay tuned to our website for such great articles. This is up to you.

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