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First Episode of MoonKnight Review

Today we are going to review the first episode of Moonknight. What a series dude. I was surprised to see. Made the best series. Those who do not know. Let them know that the first episode of Moonknight has arrived. The Marvel character we’ve been waiting for so long. Finally, he’s here, Moonknight.

You may have seen as many Moonknight trailers on YouTube. After watching this first episode, you will know that 90% of Moonknight’s trailer is made from this episode.
Because this is the first episode, many people will be confused about what is happening with this main hero.

When he wakes up, he finds himself tied up. When the eyes are closed, it reaches another place. When he wakes up, it happens somewhere else. People are calling it by different names. Sometimes Scooty, sometimes Steven, sometimes Mark. Strange strange sounds keep coming from inside him.

And that voice sometimes threatens him and sometimes accompanies him. And the hero does not understand what is happening. Sometimes MoonKnight Hero doesn’t even know what day it is. The date with the girlfriend is Sunday and the hero arrives on Friday. When and how to kill enemies. He doesn’t even know it himself.

This is what is happening. It has not been revealed in the first episode.
So that suspense remains. The first episode of Moonknight is about 45 minutes long. You will not feel bored at all while watching it. In the first episode of Moonknight, all the characters have been introduced a little bit. I have seen the episode of Moonknight in Hindi.

But Moonknight has been released in five languages. You can watch it in any language you like. In the first episode of Moonknight, I really like two scenes. One is the scene with the truck and the other is the scene where the hero is attacked in the museum.

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