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2nd Episode of MoonKnight Review

Moon Knight EPISODE 2 has been released. Which is awesome. Moon Knight EPISODE 2 is about 50 minutes long. And in that fifty minutes, you will love the acting of Oscar Isaac. What a wonderful performance by Oscar Isaac in this TV series.

I mean, according to the story, Steven should have been a Confucius. And Mark is very brave. Oscar Isaac’s facial expressions are all the expressions needed for this story. Watching today’s episodes reminded me of Aprachit.

The hero of the movie Has two different characters in the same body. One of them is brave and the other is scared. And the fun part is. That the hero gets the leaf in these episodes. That Mark Specter is his real identity. How does he know? You will know after watching these episodes.

However, the story of the series has not been revealed yet. Marvel has cleverly portrayed Moon Knight. People who know comics now. These people know. But who doesn’t know anything about Marvel’s progress.

They will also like these episodes. You saw in the first episodes. That MoonKnight had some fights in the museum. The other episodes also start from this museum. Steven doesn’t remember anything. What has happened is that he is tied to his bed.

And he thinks it’s a dream come true. But after going to the museum, the whole reality comes to him. There will be more improvements in MoonKnight’s character going forward. Because right now the hero doesn’t understand what is happening to him.

In the next episode we will also see Egypt. And maybe Mark Specter’s back story will be shown. Also Moon Knight EPISODE 2 was awesome. And if you have seen these episodes, you must express your opinion in the comments section. And if you want to read such a fun post, you must remember the name of our site.

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