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Best Bollywood Movies Ever

Nowadays people keep some distance from the name of Bollywood. Because Bollywood has been filling its pockets by remaking South Movies for some years now. But that was not always the case. Bollywood also has a wealth of content. And I have brought you some movies from this treasure. There are underrated movies. About which only a few people will know.

1. Titli

Movie Number One Titli. It’s a simple family. Who has brought home the bride to marry the youngest son of the family. But the main twist in the story is this. That this family’s business is to rob people at gunpoint. And you will find this movie on Amazon Prime.

2. Bhavesh Joshi

Movie No. 2 Bhavesh Joshi. If you want to see a Hollywood-level superhero movie then this movie may be the best for you. The hero will put a mask on his face and punish the wrong people of the country for their deeds. The hero fights through the entire system to avenge the death of a loved one. And Bhavesh Joshi movie you will find absolutely free on youtube.

3. Sir

Movie No. 3 has Sir. If your love in life has met love. So rest assured, they are all nothing more than this movie. Son of a wealthy businessman. Who has just returned from studying in another country. Her marriage is broken. But Hero of movie falls in love with someone else. And the hero falls in love with his maid. You will definitely find Sir Movie on Netflix.

4. Section 375

At number four is the Section 375 movie. Which is better, boy or girl? This is very common in our country. And it is very common to blame a boy in a boy-girl fight. The story of the movie is very interesting. Section 375 You will enjoy watching the movie. And this Section 375 movie you will find on Amazon Prime.

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