Top 10 Best Action Movies of 2021

Top 10 Best Action Movies of 2021

Welcome to see next and in this post, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Best Action movies of 2021. Choose this is scary. Number 10 Read notice

, especially John Hartley FBI

Hi, guys read notice is a 2021 action comedy film directed by Ross and Marshall Thurber. It stars Dwayne Johnson as an FBI agent who reluctantly teamed up with the world’s most wanted art thieves played by Ryan Reynolds to catch an elusive crook who’s always one step ahead.

Looking for something specific or just browsing you under arrest oh my god read the room. Number nine Black Widow

it’s good to see you too. Sis. What brings you home?

Black Widow is a 2021 superhero film directed by Kate Shortland. It is the 24th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s set after the events of Captain America Civil War in this film and Natasha Romanov confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy or ties to her past arises. Number eight the Suicide Squad.

I wouldn’t take such extreme measures

at this mission went more important than you could possibly imagine. Are you in or out? The Suicide Squad is a 2021 superhero film directed by James Gunn. It is a standalone sequel to Suicide Squad 2016 and the 10th film in the DC extended universe this time the Suicide Squad is sent to the island nation of quarter Mounties to destroy any traces of the giant alien starfish Starro.

Here’s the deal. We failed the mission you die

we find out any information you give us is false, you die if we find out you have personalized license plates, Utah

no number seven free guys.

I thought I had everything I needed.

I met her everybody down on the ground. Everybody except you.

Free guy is a 2021 action comedy film directed by Sean Levy. It stars Ryan Reynolds as a blue shirt guy a bank teller who discovers that he is an NPC in an open world video game and trying to save his world from deletion by the video games owner

really want to kiss you so please listen to me. You’re not real.

Number six, Fast and Furious nine. Who is easy? Take up is

Dom’s brother

F nine is a 2021 action film directed by Justin Lin. It is the sequel to The Fate of the Furious 2017 and spin off Hobbs and Shaw 2019. If nine follows DOM and the team come together to stop a world shattering conspiracy led by Dom’s estranged brother Jacob. Please tell me that’s not a Pontiac Fiero strapped to a rocket engine. Impressive. I know. No. No, that’s that’s not impressive. Number five, nobody was still doing. Oh man.

Nobody is a 2021 action thriller film directed by Ilya nationaler. The film stars Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, a former government assassin and a docile family man who returns to his dangerous former life after his house gets robbed. Everybody gets to the basement. What is happening?

Don’t call 911.

Number for Shanghai and the legend of the 10 rings.

10 rings gave our family power

if you want them to be yours one day, you have to show me you’re strong enough to carry them Shanghai. The legend of the 10 rings is a 2021 superhero film directed by destin Daniel Cretton based on Marvel Comics characters Shang chi it is the 25th film in the MCU it stars Simon Leo is Shang chi A skilled Martial Art list who was trained at a young age to be an assassin by his father,

I told my men, they wouldn’t be able to kill you if they tried.

Number three, Godzilla vs Kong Godzilla vs Kong is a 2021 monster film directed by Adam WinGuard. It is a sequel to Kong Skull Island and Godzilla King of the Monsters and the fourth film and the legendary is a monster verse. This is an epic clash between the two titans instigated by unseen forces.

There can’t be two alpha Titans

number two, no time to die. Why would I betray

where you’ll have our secrets? We just didn’t get to yours yet.

No time to die as a 2021 action spy film directed by Carrie and Joji Fukunaga on the 25th film and the James Bond series it stars Daniel Craig is a fictional British mi six agent James Bond and it’s his fifth and final outing. This film follows James Bond facing a mysterious terrorist leader armed with dangerous new technology to make the world a better place.

I just want to be a little tidier.

Before getting to our number one here are some honorable mentions.

We are fighting a war 30 years in the future to choke Our enemy is not human we need you to fight

when you love something you protected he said the Age of Heroes will never come again Bastille

we just acknowledge that not only are we safe This really feels like a newbie you’re in an accident he didn’t make it.

Number one. Spider Man. No way home.

That’s right, folks. Is in fact Peter

Parker. Listen, I did not kill Mysterio to drones did the drones that are yours?

Spider Man No way home as a 2021 superhero film directed by John Watts it is the sequel to Spider Man homecoming and Spider Man far from home and is the 27th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this film Parker tries to make his spider man identity a secret again with Dr. Strangers help

I’m sorry, what was your name again? Dr. Otto Octavius. Wait No Seriously, what’s your actual name?


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