Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2021

Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2021

Welcome to see next and in this post. we are counting down our picks for the top 10 best horror movies of 2021. Number 10 antlers Lucas antlers is a supernatural horror film directed by Scott Cooper set in a small town in Central Oregon a middle school teacher and her brother discover a young student is harboring a dark secret that could have frightening consequences. It was released on October 29 2021. Number nine sensor this depiction is dangerous culminated cutting it. Sensor is a psychological horror film directed by prenyl Bailey bond it starts in the Maya Algor as a woman who believes after watching a movie her missing sister is the actress and decides to find her this horror film was released on August 20 2021. This is actress Nina number eight Halloween kills someone else

Halloween kills is a slasher film directed by David Gordon Green the film is a sequel to 2018 Halloween and the 12th installment in the Halloween film franchise and this film begins precisely where the previous film ended. It was released in October 15 2021.

Number seven Candyman Candyman Candyman Kenzie man. Well, we’re still alive county man is a supernatural slasher film directed by Nia d’acosta. It is a direct sequel to the 1992 film of the same name and the fourth film and the county Man film series based on the 1985 short story by Cleve Barker. This horror film was released on August 27 2021. Number six the night house there is nothing

the night house is a psychological horror film directed by David Bergner. It stars Rebecca Hall as a widow who discovers dark secrets about her recently deceased husband. The night house was released on August 28 2021. Number five fear street part 316 66 The devil has come to face on our misdeeds

and his darkness glows within each of us.

Fear street part 316 66 is a supernatural horror film directed by Lee Janek based on the book series the same name by RL Stein. It is the third and final installment of the fear street trilogy after fear street part one and fear street Part Two this horror film was released in July 16 2021.

Hello, still alive. Who is this happening again?

Number for a quiet place part two. A quiet place part two is the post apocalyptic horror film directed by John Janeski. It is the sequel to a quiet place 2018 In the film follows a family from the first film as they continue to navigate and survive in a post apocalyptic world inhabited by aliens. It was released on May 28th 2021. Number three The Conjuring The devil made me do it okay there Jesus Got hurt so the conjuring three is a supernatural horror film directed by Michael shaves based on the trial of Arnie Cheyenne Johnson. It is the sequel to The Conjuring 2013 The Conjuring 2016 and the eighth installment in the conjuring universe. This horror was released on June 4 2021. Number two last night in Soho,

you witnessed the murder last night but you believe this was a vision from the past.

Last night in Soho is a British psychological horror film directed by Edward Wright. It stars Thomasin McKenzie is an aspiring fashion designer who mysteriously travels to a 1960s nightclub and meets a dazzling one and B singer played by Anya Taylor joy this film was released on October 29 2021. What did you see

leaving room for gatherings the number one here are some honorable mentions. We’re here for a reason is that understand first of all offer your soul to marry Do you want to come with us kid?

Number one, malignant.

The body of Dr. Florence Weaver was found brutally murdered in her home this morning. Did you know her?

But I saw malignant is a horror film directed by James Wan it stars Annabelle Wallis as a married woman who begins to have visions of people being murdered and discovers that these visions are terrifying realities malignant, was released on September 10 2021. He’s the devil

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